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Business Property Tax Services

Business Personal Property Tax

Did you know Texas Appraisal Districts often make 3 critical errors in valuing your BPP?

Our survey reveals businesses overpay 2 to 5 times due to these mistakes. Discover how to avoid unnecessary tax burdens today!

Business Personal Property Tax

What are they?

Incorrect Depreciation Schedules: 

Appraisal districts rely on a schedule of physical life depreciation that vastly overvalues property. District tables, for example would place a chair that is one year old at between 86 and 90% of the original price. A $300 chair, for example, would be worth $252 to $250, but its real value is probably $20 to $50.

Using Inaccurate Depreciation Tables

Texas Taxes on Intangible Property:

Only tangible property is taxed in Texas. The total cost of a phone system worth $2,000,000 includes both Tangible and Intangible property (software, service agreements and trade secrets). The districts encourage owners of property to report the total cost. This is ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Intangible Personal Property

Encourage property owners to include inappropriate costs:

While freight costs, set-up fees, and special buildings for housing equipment are included in the IRS’s depreciation table, it is a grave error to include them when calculating personal property taxes.

L&Y Tax Advisor, which has been appraising BPPs and commercial properties for over 25 years, has created a set of proprietary valuation tables that address these 3 mistakes. Tables vary according to the property type.

Encouraging Property Owners To Include Inappropriate Costs

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Business Property Tax services

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At Texas Appraisal Review Board Hearing Services (TARBS), our firm has demonstrated to be more aggressive and successful than any other in coordinating legal appeals and binding arbitration to achieve reductions that go beyond what was possible in an appraisal review board hearing.

Binding Arbitration

With your agreement we can coordinate binding arbitration to achieve equitable results for owners of small commercial properties not able to pursue a judicial appeal.

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