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CPA Services For Transportation and Trucking Companies

We are experts in audits, accounting, tax and business consultation for fleets and transportation companies of any size. Haynie & Company provides peace of mind, knowing you’re working with a team of professionals handling your accounting requirements. With our extensive experience serving transport and tucking customers, We are well-versed in your day-to-day operations. We know your requirement to provide unique information on important performance indicators, such as revenue per mile, unfilled miles, gasoline cost per mile, tractor and trailer maintenance costs for each mile of travel, and many more.

 OUR CPAS Expertise
  • Privately held trucking companies
  • Publicly held trucking companies
  • Fleets of all sizes
  • Aircraft transportation
  • Shipping companies

L&Y CPAS in Texas, USA

Accounting for Trucking Companies

In recent years, the trucking industry has been subject to various changes that have affected the need for accounting and finance services. While some changes have provided new opportunities for truckers and trucking companies, other changes have created challenges for the business. To allow trucking companies to sustain their success, owners should think about strategies to maximize their cash and profits while also reducing their costs and expenses.

The most basic bookkeeping services trucking companies require include studying financial statements and reports, such as financial statements, cash flow balance sheets, etc. Furthermore, accounting software allows trucking companies to track and organize their financial statements and detailed reports. L&Y CPAs provide high-end accounting and bookkeeping solutions for firms across different industries and advise on the best accounting software choices.

Why Do Truckers Need Accountants?

Of all these industries that have gone digital in the past 100 years, the trucking industry remains a peer-to-peer business despite all its technological advancements. It’s impossible to force everyone around you to become paper-free, and even if you could do it, there’s no way to guarantee that all users use the same system, and that’s where an accountant is needed. Call our trucking CPAs and keep your financial records neat and updated each month, every quarter or in smaller increments.


Benefits of Hiring a CPA for Truckers

Employing a Certified Public Accounting Professional (CPA) will provide substantial advantages to truckers, easing their financial management and ensuring they comply with tax laws. Most importantly, CPAs possess specialized knowledge of the unique trucking industry’s tax rules and deductions. It helps truckers increase their profits while reducing tax obligations.

CPAs also cut down on time by handling complicated tax filings, which allows truckers to concentrate on their primary business activities. They can assist with financial planning and strategic thinking and help truckers make educated decisions to increase profits and growth. Through their experience, CPAs offer peace of assurance by reducing the chance of tax mistakes that can be costly or audits. Working with CPAs is a smart decision that could yield long-term financial rewards for truckers.

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