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Our professional sales tax team specializes in maximizing tax savings for oil and gas firms operating in key producing states. State tax regulations are always changing, and audits are on the rise, resulting in costly mistakes and overpayments by top business leaders.

The oil and gas industry confronts particular sales tax issues, with recent modifications revealing several instances of overpaying taxes on equipment and services. Clients are in danger of tax difficulties and overpayments due to state differences and complexity with multi-state providers. Our cutting-edge procedure enables a thorough evaluation of all transactions, ensuring that no savings possibilities are overlooked. Potential tax refunds stand to assist the oil and gas companies in particular. Contact our sales tax consultants immediately to maximize your savings and receive international oil and gas tax services and professional help.

Core Tax Service Areas for Oil and Gas

The oil and gas business in the United States is one of the most complex and severely regulated. The complexity of taxation in this area necessitates specialized knowledge to manage. Taxation has an impact on all aspects of the oil and gas industry, from exploration and drilling through production, refining, and distribution. As a result, oil and gas industries rely on dedicated oil and gas tax experts to provide professional guidance in core tax service areas. In this section, we will look at the key areas that assure the financial health and compliance of oil and gas operations.

Why is a tax advisor firm compulsory for oil and gas companies?

Tax advisor firms are required in Texas for oil and gas businesses, as they are for corporations in any industry operating inside the state. All firms, including those in the oil and gas industry, must follow federal, state, and municipal tax rules. These tax laws cover a wide variety of responsibilities, such as income tax, property tax, sales tax, and other industry-specific taxes and levies.

Oil and gas corporations sometimes encounter additional complexity as a result of the energy industry’s specialized tax legislation. This necessitates the use of expert tax services to guarantee correct tax compliance and the effective utilization of tax benefits and credits available to these businesses.

Oil and gas enterprises that fail to comply with tax requirements may face penalties, legal challenges, and financial losses. As a result, engaging our tax professionals or getting oil and gas tax services to negotiate the complexities of taxation and satisfy their duties in Texas is not only suggested but also required.

Contact our oil and gas sales tax experts to protect your company's bottom line


L&YTax Partners is a national leader in delivering complete tax services to oil and gas firms. Navigating complicated tax rules throughout drilling, production, and sales may have a big financial impact on your organization. Given the volatility of the market and altering government laws, it is critical for oil and gas sectors to maximize tax refunds and exemptions.

Our experienced oil and gas tax consultants have the specialized knowledge, state-specific tax skills, and resolve required to maximize tax savings at all stages of drilling, production, and sales.

We have specialized in collecting unpaid taxes, decreasing tax obligations, and minimizing future state tax exposure for oil and gas corporations countrywide for over two decades. Our skilled tax advisors have the skills and contacts to offer top-tier outcomes for today’s major oil and gas production firms, as one of our core industries.

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