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Residential Property Tax

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It is getting closer to the deadline for filing a property tax protest in 2024. The deadline to file a protest on your property taxes for the year 2024 is fast approaching.

Only 12% of Texas property owners have protested the value of their properties, but 75% resulted to a decrease in values*. If you don’t contest your appraised value, it will remain as is and may not accurately reflect the real value of your home. You can appeal your appraisal value, but corrections will not be made until you do. Enroll today and make sure you don’t miss the deadline for filing a property tax appeal.

  • L&Y Tax Advisor does not charge any upfront costs or flat fees. Only if your property tax is reduced will you be charged.

  • Enrollment can be done online within three minutes. Or, you can call us at (281)288-0909.

  • We do not require personal information up front and there is no risk.

L&Y Tax Advisor’s team aggressively appeals your property tax every year for our clients. There is no charge unless you receive a decrease in property taxes. You can enroll now and have your protest filed automatically every year. This will help you avoid missing important deadlines. You’ll also receive tax advice, help with questions about exemptions, and notifications regarding disasters notices which may be eligible for reduced valuations.

You can reach our tax specialists at any time with questions about your property or enrollment.

L&Y Tax Advisor has successfully helped clients save over $230 Million in property tax.

We appreciate you choosing L&Y as your tax advisor. Our team is eagerly awaiting the chance to reduce your property tax.

Residential Property Tax

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L&Y Tax Advisor is one of the nation’s most aggressive property tax consulting companies. If your taxes don’t get reduced, you pay nothing. You only receive a small portion of any tax savings if they do!

L&Y Tax Advisor Is Tailored To Your Needs!

Exercise YOUR RIGHT to protest property tax annually and reclaim YOUR MONEY from overpayment. Join our RISK-FREE program today:

  • Enrollment is free
  • Access a secure customer portal
  • Receive tax-saving tips throughout the year Our Proven Process:

L&Y Tax Advisor assesses your property tax evaluations. We handle the research, preparation, and representation in appeals. If results are unfavorable, we discuss potential lawsuits. No upfront fees for court costs, appraisals, or legal expenses. You only pay if we lower your taxes! Let us shoulder the risk for you.

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