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Building and construction enterprises face major accounting issues. Reconciliation and tax filing involve many moving elements due to complex capital arrangements, building and equity loans, and insurance. Numerous construction firms attempt this without a CPA. Looking closer, the project may have been done well, but a lot of money was likely lost. 

Construction accounting is already tough. Running your accounting software may seem cost-effective. Many construction enterprises have eliminated accounting sections to minimize expenses during the pandemic. The Woodlands, TX, creates an opportunity for businesses to make cash flow and savings for your construction companies.

L&Y CPAS in Texas, USA


At our locations in The Woodlands, TX, our team of CPAs claims considerable expertise across many businesses and sectors. This versatility becomes especially helpful in the field of building.

The construction CPAs at L & Y in The Woodlands have a proven track record of identifying hidden savings in both individual contracts and yearly files. Our flexibility to function across numerous domains sets us apart from other CPA companies, guaranteeing that your organization can maximize savings within the newest tax requirements.

While our success is built on our hard-earned knowledge and skills, what really sets us unique in the construction business is the unrelenting commitment of our CPAs to surpass expectations continuously.


Our team of construction CPAs in The Woodlands, TX, each brings a distinct set of talents and views to the table. This diversified group brings to your firm a new and original perspective on financial concerns. This variety underlies our diverse spectrum of services, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Serving Privately Held Companies
  • specialising in Real Estate
  • Assisting Residential Projects
  • Assisting Owner Builders
  • cater to Non-Residential Ventures
  • Nurturing Small Renovation Contractors
  • Concentrating on Industrial Ventures
  •  Navigating Civil Engineering
  •  Partnering with General Contractors
  • Collaborating with Highway Contractors
  • Engaging in Heavy Engineering
  • Working with Speciality Subcontractors

Our construction CPAs not only manage your financial records but also provide useful insights and unique ways to assist you in saving for the future. We take pride in being a full-service CPA business, providing the most complete construction accounting services in The Woodlands. Don’t leave your company’s financial destiny to chance; contact us immediately for help.

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When looking for the best full-service CPA company in The Woodlands, Texas, go no further than LYTAXADVISOR. Count on us to help you save as much money as possible and improve your cash flow; our construction CPA team has years of experience in the field. We’re ready to look at your construction company from a different standpoint because of our varied experiences and viewpoints. Get in touch with us at (281)-288-0909 right now to arrange a no-cost first consultation. We’re here to help you reach your financial goals.

Why do you need a CPA that specializes in construction?

Construction’s complex financial reporting, income tax rules, and cyclical nature need specialization. Construction has its own rules, procedures, and restrictions. Thus, it would help if you had a construction CPA business. A one-size-fits-all approach to financial management fails.

Since your financial foundation underpins your organization, it affects everything from daily operations to growth and transition strategies. Unstable foundations might undermine future ambitions.

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