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small business accounting firm

Small Business Accounting Firm in Dallas, TX

As a business owner with a small size, keeping track of financial issues with regular review and careful planning is essential to protect your company and safeguard the future of your business. It is good to know that competent CPAs can manage these tasks by allowing you to focus on more critical aspects of your company.

In catering to the needs of accounting for small-sized businesses, You can trust L & Y TaxAdvisor to be the most trusted all-service CPA company in Dallas, TX. Our specialists offer a wide variety of complete accounting solutions that include:

  •  Customized Services for Tax Planning and Filing Services
  •  Accurate Tax Liability and Audit Assistance
  •  Expert Financial Counseling
  •  Expertise Financial Investigation
  •  Peer Assessment Services
  •  Effective Accounting Software Solutions
  •  Streamlined Management of Accounts Payable
  •  Effective Handling of Accounts Receivable
  •  Accurate Payroll Processing
  •  Best Small Business Accountant

To learn more about Us and explore our accounting solutions, contact our Dallas office at (281) 288-0909 or fill out our Contact form here.


Bookkeeping Services for Small Business Owners

Our specialist of bookkeeping in Dallas understands the responsibilities that accompany running an independent small business can quickly become overwhelming for self-employed entrepreneurs and small business owners. Let us handle all your accounting Dallas needs so you can focus on growing your enterprise – knowing there will be a bright future ahead!

At L&Y in Dallas, our Dallas bookkeeping services can meet all your small business accounting needs. They’ll listen carefully to any concerns regarding finances or goals for the business as they help develop the ideal action plan.

Why do small-scale businesses need to hire a CPA firm?

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed or Stressed As Tax Season Approaches? Small business owners frequently experience additional frustration during this season if they need an accounting background. While hiring the appropriate accounting firm and establishing adequate internal controls are necessary for success, sometimes things don’t run smoothly.

At our well-recognized Dallas accounting firm, we understand the challenges small business owners are up against and offer skilled accountants to quickly and accurately file tax returns for them. Our services also cover maintaining organized financial statements, handling any business tax filings necessary, and finding opportunities for significant tax savings.

Connect with Small Business Accounting Firm in Dallas, TX Today

What distinguishes us from other smaller-sized accounting companies? We are proud of being one of the fastest growing CPA’s specialists across the country and we are delivering superior customer service which exceeds the expectations of our clients. 

Our main goal is to build long-lasting relationships built on trust, honesty in communication. Leveraging insights gained through extensive market research, our full-service in Dallas accounting firm offers bookkeeping services Dallas, TX to support small business by helping to establish sound financial practices and develop smart business strategies. Are You Ready to Meet Your Financial Objectives? Partner up with L&YTaxAdvisor’s expert accountants that you could achieve success.


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