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Can You Buy QuickBooks Without a Subscription

Can You Buy QuickBooks Without a Subscription?

In a world where everything is moving towards subscription-based billing, thinking about ‘Can you buy QuickBooks without a subscription?’ is obvious because many of its users are small and medium-sized business owners, who regulate their finance management by using this accounting software.

Almost all business ventures are always at stake because stabilizing them has never been child’s play and it requires a great deal of perseverance and consistency, and the striking of questions, such as ‘Can I purchase QuickBooks without a subscription?’ or ‘Can I buy QuickBooks Desktop without a subscription?’ is normal in these times because the rumors of QuickBooks Desktop sunsetting have compelled some of you to switch over QuickBooks Online, about which some users complain that the former version was much more convenient to use than the latter. Anyhow, that’s another debate.

Undoubtedly, there are several benefits of QuickBooks such as the provision of tracking records and the efficient delivery of accounting reports; pondering over is QuickBooks Desktop Pro one time purchase or not, the yearly investment plan of QB is worth giving a shot because it’s almost impossible for SMBs to neglect its usage.

Comparing QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software in the world of financial management with a wide variety of versions that it offers, out of which QuickBooks Desktop (QBD or QBDT) and QuickBooks Online (QBO) are frequently used by small and medium-sized businesses owners. Each of the versions has its pros and cons and offers its distinctive subscription plans and the features that come along with them. 


Please go through the non-neglectable disadvantages of QuickBooks Online here to know more about whether can you buy QuickBooks without a subscription or not.

Intuit halts the upgradation of QuickBooks Desktop after every three years. It doesn’t mean that QBD has permanently been shut down, instead, the users cannot approach the previous versions and they need to upgrade the software.

QuickBooks Desktop is a locally installed software that demands a license-based subscription fee. It offers a home screen with extensive functionality that features well-known designs of flowcharts. With its installation in your computer comes up a default recommendation to install antivirus to protect your device from malicious invasions.

On the other hand, QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting software that charges a fixed amount as a fee every month, unlike QBD which requires licensed charging. Installing QBO is a good idea if bank feed integration is vital for you.

Step By Step Guide: Can You Buy QuickBooks Without a Subscription?

The accessible plans of QuickBooks are not subscription-free anymore, and the major reasons behind ‘Can you buy QuickBooks without a subscription?’ implies the fact that you can still use it free of cost but you won’t be able to receive any new updates or support at all, especially in case of any mishap, such as loss of entire accounting data. The following reasons will reveal why and in which version of QuickBooks should you invest and how it can be beneficial for your business, whether it is just a startup or quite a stabilized one.

  1. First things first – the starting price of QuickBooks Desktop is $549.99 per year, and QuickBooks Online charges $15 per month. However, once you’ve signed up, navigating your account to pay annual charges for QBO offers you a saving of 10% on the entire plan. Please note that QBD does not allow monthly payments.
  2. Aside from the pricing schedule whether it is based on a monthly or yearly basis, one notable difference is that QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based platform. On the other hand, QBD is directly downloaded to your computer because the data operates as fast as your computer without worrying about the issues of internet connectivity.
  3. As mobile apps are a robust addition to the advertisement of any software application, QuickBooks Online succeeds in providing full mobile app coverage while QBD offers limited access.
  4. More than 200 apps can be integrated into QBD while the limit of QBO exceeds over 650 apps.
  5. With the QB Online version, you can provide cloud access to up to 25 users while the QB Desktop version requires an additional fee for each user and limits the coverage up to 40 individuals of your SMB.
  6. To categorize transactions, bank transactions are automatically synced in QuickBooks Online whereas the banks may charge a small amount of fee for such purposes.
  7. The starting price of payroll for QuickBooks Online is $22.50 per month. In contrast, it requires an amount of $50 for payrolls in QuickBooks Desktop, plus $2 per employee per month.
  8. The only feature where both of them resemble each other is the provision of invoices and the acceptance of payments on time.

Can You Buy QuickBooks Software Without a Subscription?

Financial management solutions require QuickBooks Desktop users to possess their software outright, as it offers non-subscription purchasing options allowing for an outright acquisition and ownership of this financial management program. Thankfully, QuickBooks provides this feature and makes owning QuickBooks easier!

“Accounting software is a computer program that maintains account books on computers, including recording transactions and account balances. It may depend on virtual thinking. Depending on the purpose, the QuickBooks accounting software can manage budgets, perform accounting tasks for multiple currencies, perform payroll and customer relationship management, and prepare financial reporting.”

Perpetual Ownership: Can You Buy QuickBooks Desktop Without a Subscription

QuickBooks Desktop stands apart from subscription-based models by permitting users to purchase the software outright without signing an ongoing payment commitment agreement. This gives businesses more control in determining a payment structure tailored to their needs, making QuickBooks Desktop an appealing solution for those preferring one-time purchases.

As previously discussed, opting for QuickBooks Desktop without a subscription offers users perpetual ownership and financial management freedom.

Final Wrap Up

Making an informed decision on whether can you buy QuickBooks without a subscription is essential as there’s still a possibility to keep using the accounting software but it endangers your business and the current status of self-employment. Therefore, going through the major differences between the frequently used versions, QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, along with their advantages and disadvantages that you shouldn’t oversee, will provide you with an in-depth insight if you need to subscribe for QBO or QBD.

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